Transurban engaged EY to provide limited assurance over selected disclosures within the FY15 Sustainability Report.

The scope of the assurance included verification of the following metrics:

  • Road Injury Crash Index
  • Recordable Injury Frequency Rate
  • Scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions (tCO2-e)
  • Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions (tCO2-e)
  • Nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions (tonnes)
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from customer travel (tCO2-e)

The limited assurance process included interviews with key Transurban personnel and the verification of data within the report.

An initial ‘pre-assurance’ review was also conducted over selected aspects of the Transurban Queensland business to ensure that information from Queensland assets that is being included in Transurban reporting for the first time is being correctly consolidated into Group-wide reporting.

The EY limited assurance statement is attached here.

GRI G4 Indicators

  • G4-33