Sustainability Strategy

Transurban's vision ‘to strengthen communities through transport’ is closely supported by our Sustainability Strategy, which has three pillars:

  • Be good neighbours: We will work with communities to create shared value with our business by anticipating and listening and responding to community needs
  • Use less: We will minimise natural resource use and create resource efficiencies during development, operations and maintenance to reduce the impacts of our operations on the community and environment
  • Think long term: We will look for innovative transport solutions that will create efficient, safe transport networks and thriving cities

These are the guiding principles for not only our sustainability initiatives but also our day-to-day activities. We continued to implement initiatives for each of these sustainability pillars, and to encourage awareness within the business. Examples of these initiatives are shown below and further detailed throughout this report. 




  • Community grants program
  • Driving instructor program partnerships with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and disadvantaged youth
  • Out & About Family Day sponsorship
  • Public event sponsorship and road access
  • ‘10-in-10’ energy reduction target
  • Solar power installations
  • Melbourne office National Built Environment Rating Scheme (NABERS) target
  • Sustainability targets and benchmarks for NorthConnex, Gateway Upgrade North and CityLink Tulla Widening projects
  • Power Street Loop and M2 iconic artwork and ecological rejuvenation projects
  • Innovation grants for research and development of transport challenges