Think long term

As an infrastructure company that manages assets over the course of decades, long term thinking is crucial to everything we do. We strongly believe that our long term interests are aligned with those of our cities, government clients, communities and customers.

‘Think Long Term’ is not just about our business, but the broader future of transport. Managing safe, efficient road networks provides significant benefits to the long term liveability and economy of cities.

Independent modelling recently completed by KPMG has estimated that the direct economic benefit of the current toll roads in Australia is approximately $7 billion per year across Australian business, households and environment due to vehicle efficiency, travel time savings and reliability, and wider economic benefits. This modelling provides a tangible assessment of the long term value delivered by toll roads, which are able to be funded and delivered to improve road networks earlier than under government-funded, toll free models.

Transurban also saw strong financial performance driven by our acquisition of Queensland Motorways and strong traffic growth across all our networks, with proportional EBITDA of $1.289 billion, an increase of 38% from the previous year.

daily traffic growth

 toll revenue growth

EBITDA growth

Financial year 2015 distribution







(10.7% excluding acquisitions and new assets)


(13.1% excluding acquisitions and new assets)


In FY15, we achieved a number of critical milestones for our assets, our business, our technology platforms and our position as a thought leader on issues of transport infrastructure policy. The Think Long Term section of this report describes our progress in these areas in detail.

GRI G4 Indicators

  • Economic performance DMA
  • Indirect economic impacts DMA
  • G4-9
  • EC1
  • EC7
  • EC8