Use Less

Transurban is focused on minimising our impacts on the environment from operating our roads, tunnels and offices, and our construction projects. In the simplest terms, that means we need to challenge ourselves to ‘use less’.

Transurban reports its environmental impacts in the areas of energy, greenhouse gas emissions, water, waste and materials.

We have set a ’10 in 10’ energy-reduction target to cut our energy consumption for assets under our management control by 10 per cent by 2023.

Most of our water usage and potential environmental impact from water is in our tunnels, including CityLink, Lane Cove Tunnel, Clem7 and the recently opened Legacy Way. Underground tunnels experience ingress from the surrounding earth and groundwater, which we collect and treat before discharging. In our CityLink tunnels, we also recharge water back into the groundwater aquifer.

Bulk materials and waste primarily arise from the construction phase of our road assets, where we set standards for contractors to encourage the use of recycled materials and minimise material use and waste generation.

Environmental data summaries can be found in the Performance Data section of this report.

GRI G4 Indicators

  • Materials DMA
  • Energy DMA
  • Water DMA
  • Effluents and waste DMA 
  • Products and services DMA  
  • EN27